Student Debates – How to find a topic?

Student debates are essentially a part of classroom activities. These will help students to become more proactive and to make use of their critical thinking skills.
The best thing about student debates is that they can get anyone in the class communicating and interacting. These can foster presentation skills, public speaking and research teamwork. The students will also be excited about the topic.

They will learn more after the debate has ended.
Nevertheless, it will be the topic that is now the main priority of anyone who will hold a debate inside the classroom. The question is how will one find a topic? The following are some of the factors that need to be considered in mind:

Consider the Age of the Students First

Prior to the topic of student debates, it will depend upon the age of the students. The topic will also go in line with what is interesting on their part. This is the only way that will help them become more engaged.

In addition to that, it is better to choose the topic that suits to the maturity level of the students. Just imagine if you will give a topic that does not go in accordance to their maturity level, they are less likely to be interested in it.

Engage the Class in a Quick Brainstorm

You may have no idea about it but it is true that you need to engage the class in a quick brainstorm. This is very much effective because it opens to possibilities of juicy topics. This way, their mind will work for more suggestions. They will suggest whatever topic that comes into their mind.

Choose Controversial Topics for the Class

You need to keep in mind to choose topics that are appropriate to the demographics of the class. It is best to choose a controversial topic as these can end up in lively discussions. However, it is also essential to avoid subjects that can create chaos.

Pre-prepare Interesting Topics for the Students
If you are still in doubt of the suggestions you can get from the class, you can pre-prepare interesting topics. The students will be able to vote on or choose from these topics. This can now lead to one topic that all of them agreed upon.
Let them show their hands until the class finally arrives on one topic!

Few Topic Ideas to Consider

Consider in mind a few topic ideas that are as follows:

• Wearing a helmet when doing outdoor sports such as skateboards, hoverboards, bikes and more
• Banning of Smartphones in School
• Banning of Homework in most Schools
• Students Are Required to always Wear their School Uniforms

With the topics mentioned above, you can say that these are the ones that will attract their attention. They can mostly relate because they are the students themselves. They also have their opinions and viewpoints on the topic.

Consider What the Experts Say

When you want to choose a topic for the students coming from the experts, it will help to consider:

Now, you have learned more about the ideas on how to find a topic that can go well with student debates!

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