Student Congress – Debate or Speech Structure

One of the best ways for students to understand how democracy works is not just reading about it in theory, but to get involved by participating by debating structuring speeches. Giving students the privilege to become involved in their local student congress team is the surest way for the younger generation to become more involved in their political community. We need more students to get involved as they will be the ones who shape the future of our society. The questions are, can we inspire more students into the intellectual realm of democratic activities? Here, I have included two effective ways in one has more effect over another which includes Debate structure and Speech Structure. First, let’s look into what a student congress is.

What is a Student Congress?

A student congress is an imitation of the legislative assembly in which high school students may come together and structure a resolution to a student draft. A student draft, which is similar to a bill, are written in place so that students are able to debate with their peers who have opposing views and then will be voted to either pass or decline against the legislation. In this activity, students will be able to understand exactly how a democracy works and will know what to expect when dealing with becoming involved in politics. However, the questions are, which structure is the best way for students to become more influenced and engaged in their local Student Congress team?

Debate Structure

During a debate structure, it is formatted in which there are two opposing views to a particular draft in which each side, one who supports the draft while the other who opposes the draft, are given a short amount of time to present their arguments while rebutting the other side. Here is an example of a student presenting her case towards her classmates.

The responsibility of each student is to influence their audience in which they will vote to pass or decline their case to the legislation. Students are given the chase challenge and bring forth supporting facts and research in order to persuade the listeners.

Speech Structure

While giving speech structure, the student is given the authority to introduce their case for or against the draft. One must list their claims while making sure they are well supported and documented with facts, statistics and research about in order to support their view. Once completed, the speaker must leave an impacting result by convincing their audience and oppositions into why the draft should or should not be approved. All speeches must be brief, short, and to the point while keeping their listeners engaged.
Which Structure has more influence?

While many may have an opinion on how to get students more engaged, a well-grounded debate structure is a solution as it gives the audience the grounds to hear from both sides and engage with their peers in conversations to form new ideas and research of their own. Debating with peers, friends, and family while listening to oppositions is the key to ensuring a true democracy in which students will experience for themselves as they shape our future legislative activities.

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