Why is Higher Education Important?

Higher education is important because of the many varied benefits it can bring. This is also, especially when it comes to a promising career and financial security. In the twenty-first century, education plays its essential role in the lives of the people. It can help improve their overall quality of life and health. They will […]

Student Debates – How to find a topic?

Student debates are essentially a part of classroom activities. These will help students to become more proactive and to make use of their critical thinking skills. The best thing about student debates is that they can get anyone in the class communicating and interacting. These can foster presentation skills, public speaking and research teamwork. The […]

Student Congress – Debate or Speech Structure

One of the best ways for students to understand how democracy works is not just reading about it in theory, but to get involved by participating by debating structuring speeches. Giving students the privilege to become involved in their local student congress team is the surest way for the younger generation to become more involved […]